Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Christmas and birthdays in Brooten

 We had our final Christmas celebration in Brooten and we also celebrated Miss Cece's 1st birthday and Steve's birthday too.  Everyone always enjoys a good excuse for cake!

 Little Miss Cecelia Marian held by Great Grandma Marian
 She is definitely one of our children because she also loves chocolate.
 Then it was time for some more gift opening and spoiling.

 We also ventured out onto the lake for some ice fishing.  As you can imagine Tess loved it the most, I actually caught quite a few fish as well in case you are wondering.
I was very busy with my fishing pole so I didn't take many photos.  
We are so thankful to Tom and Gary for helping us so much and making it so much fun.  
Tom even showed the girls how to clean the fish.  I opted to take pictures and was very disappointed to miss out on the experience.  
 I wonder what is going through Alex's head right now?  Probably that he can't believe he is stuck cleaning all of these fish and the parents of these children are photographing.
 Tess really got into it as you can imagine and Tom was a great teacher.
 Gabby just smiling for the camera but not really helping.

 Then we pretty much hung out together the rest of the time.

 We had a little snowman making contest and I think they turned out really well.

Not  really sure what is wrong Gabby there but we will add it to her pouty picture collection….

 It was a fun weekend of celebrations, thank you for having us Betty and Vernon.
Love, Gina


Raj Express said...

nice blog

stacey said...

As I was scrolling through I kept seeing Gabby's fake smile and then the pout on the last one totally made me laugh out loud. Perfect.
And cleaning the fish? Gross.