Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Holiday birthday celebrations

In our family we have 3 special people that have "holiday birthdays" this can be a little unfortunate as they get a little lost in the shuffle so this year we celebrated these 3 people all together with a little

Alex turned 5 on December 25th, Cece turned 1 on December 28th, and Isabel turned 6 on January 1st.

They will probably not love having a holiday birthday someday but we will do our best to make it special for them.

We had a fun little celebration with cousins playing and treats.

 Because the smash cake wasn't enough she needed Isabel's Oreo.

The adults were tired after the holiday celebrations but the kids kept their energy up with a lot of sugar.
Then Cece had her own little private party the evening of her birthday and of course another cake since she destroyed hers.

 Lets remind Miss Cece someday that she had several little celebrations of her 1st birthday when she complains about having a birthday right after Christmas.  No 4th born syndrome this time around.

Love, Gina

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stacey said...

The cake ones are classic. I love that you sat her up on the table and let her dive in. Love it.