Monday, January 12, 2015

My favorite things

Probably one of my absolute favorite activities of the holiday season is baking with the girls.  They all seem to look forward to it as much as I do and although it takes a bit of patience to organize the three girls we have a really good time.  
We have a simple kitchen that could use some aesthetic TLC at some point but what I really love about our kitchen is our long continuous counter top that is perfect for accommodating a lot of little people baking together.  I have been baking with them since they were very little so they are very talented in the baking department.  They all get to pick one thing that we make and then after that we bake anything else we have time for.  They are usually very predictable in their choices.  They usually choose fudge, cut out cookies, gingerbread, peanut blossoms and holly wreathes.  

We make a huge mess and have a lot of fun doing it.  I look forward to this activity every year and hope they never tire of doing this.  Love, Gina

**in case you are wondering we planned our fun around Cece's naps!

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