Sunday, January 18, 2015

our little lady is one

Little Miss Cecelia has been one for a few weeks but the day came and went and I still have so many cute photos to post of her.  The first year went by so quickly, the first 2 months with the struggle to help her gain weight were rough but we made it through and life with a baby in the house again have been a joy.  I don't take for granted all of the little things and sweetness that having a baby brings to our bustling household.  I have enjoyed every second of a beautiful little baby to hold and snuggle, watching everyone in the house jump through hoops to make her giggle and another opportunity to have a sweet little baby on my hip to fill our days with happiness.  Having my first baby at 29 and last baby at 39 wouldn't be ideal for everyone but has been wonderful for me and almost feels like I was given this special gift to do it all over again only this time with the wisdom and reminders to put everything aside to just be present and enjoy it all, every snuggle, every kiss and just taking in the family being together.  I do realize what amazing gifts we have been given with 4 wonderful daughters in our house.  Many people asked me if we were "trying for a boy" when we got pregnant with Cece and honestly, our 3 girls have been wonderful and we were just "trying for a little more wonderful" and wonderful is what we were given.  Thank you God and thank you for sharing in another special year.
Love, Gina
 photo by Stacey Montgomery


Danica said...

I'm crying :) love this love you!

acbeery said...

Happy birthday to Cece B! What a beautiful post! You are all wonderful :) Xxoo

stacey said...

Totally crying. What a sweet post. Love you.