Monday, January 12, 2015

Plaetz Christmas

With this many grandchildren under 10 there is always someone who doesn't want to be in the photo and is throwing a fit (and it usually is the little girl that belongs to us in the purple dress) but this year it was the little boy pictured above in the striped sweater.  It is always so funny when it isn't your child, especially when it usually is!  Not sure why I didn't ask Mom and Dad to be in the photo….probably because they were too busy trying to prepare to feed this brood.  

This little lady was pretty fast moving all over the house.  
 Gift opening was the fun mayhem that it usually is with a lot of spoiling going on.
 I also breathe a sigh of relief when the celebration is over and none of my children have tossed there clothing gifts aside in disgust or blurting out, "We already have that!"
 Everyone had a nice time and my parents refused to let us store the gifts at their house;)
I don't know why I didn't take more photos….maybe because we were busy with 4 children.  Who knows.  It was a fun party though.  Thanks, Mom and Dad.  Love, Gina

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