Monday, January 12, 2015

The Pieps Christmas

My quest still continues to post all of the December Christmas festivities of 2014 before Christmas 2015 rolls around.

Our first gathering was in the middle of December and my Aunt and Uncle hosted my Mom's side of the family.  

It was this little lady's first Christmas so I confess I took more photos of her but honestly she sits still better for photos than the other 3!
 The traditional photo with cousin Lydia who is 2 months older than Cece (she wasn't too excited about the photo.)
 The big sister is always happy to snuggle with Cece
 or to work on another photo opportunity.
 Cece made the rounds and enjoyed some time with Katie.
 The sisters gathered together….talking about the brothers  J/K.
 A little time with Great Grandma on her birthday.
 The mayhem of present opening, the children all received slinkies and cuddly blankets, they were both a big hit.
 We enjoyed just hanging out together

 and "tom boys" can be put in skirts but don't expect them to sit prim and proper!
 and sisters will always have a good time together.
Thanks Joel and Julie for a fun party.  Love, Gina

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