Friday, January 30, 2015

What I am smiling about right now...

  • It is Friday!  Oh how I love Friday on my weekends off.  A clean slate, several days ahead of me to look forward to.  
  • The work week behind us, I met so many nice people but really need uninterrupted family time
  • No homework.
  • A sleepover at our house.
  • A really good read-a-thon program at the girls' school that Sydney participated in.  She makes us so proud.  Steve with the morning off and sitting by me with our sweet baby.
  • Looking at the girls at their school, very happy and excited being there.  
  • A Skype chat with a special friend in Ireland that lasted a minute because "twins" are about all I can do at a time.
  • Cece having a little 1 year old friend over while her Mom got her hair cut.  
  • My Mocha.
  • Approximately half of the laundry is done and I am pretty sure my BF will help me with the rest because he is just that kind of guy.  
  • Did I mention it is Friday?
  • A little calm before the rest of the children arrive home.  
  • My house isn't immaculate right now and I am fine with it.  
  • Feeling so content with everything around me today and really should be because I am blessed.  
Have a great weekend.
Love, Gina

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stacey said...

Such a great list. I love when you do these lists. xo