Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mama Bear's Unedited Version of February

I decided today that I will never, ever catch up around here.  I have a great husband and great kids but I will never ever catch up and I need to face it.  Why did it take me until today to own this I am not sure. Yes my children are happy and they know I love them so much but it just gets really annoying to always feel like your plate is full.  I know what you are thinking, "What did she expect having 4 children?"  I know, I know but there isn't one I would return so I need to just move on and calm down. While at the same time show you a bunch of photos of February before March rolls around.  February is busy in our house there is Valentine's Day and the girls really enjoy making their own Valentine's and I forgot to snap any photos but they did a nice job.  Then there was the 100th day of Kindergarten celebration….who dreamt that little holiday up by the way?  Someone who didn't think about Valentine's Day being right before that and how some of us are barely breathing here!  Then we had drum roll please……Sydney's birthday!  We had a nice little celebration as a family on her big day and then on the Friday after that I chaperoned a field trip.  It was a fun field trip and my group was really good, despite my inexperience with boys I think I did fine.
 That night Syd had a sleepover with a couple of her friends.
 Birthdays in this house are very important and very celebrated but by the end of Sydney's celebrations we may all have been ready for it to be over....except for Sydney of course.  Steve claims I have modeled this over the top behavior  (doubtful.)
 In between birthdays Steve and I actually had a date for his work holiday party.  At 4:30pm after leaving the 3 girls' dentists appointments, then Sydney's allergy shot appointment, looked in my rear view mirror at my tired face and nasty hair in a ponytail and wondered how Cinderella was ever going to be ready on time for the ball.  But I managed to stop at my sister's, grabbed some clothing options, pulled it all together and our dear friends Greg and Nancy showed up to babysit with dinner for the kids in hand….I was so happy.  We had a nice time and I look forward to our next date.
Then it was back to the birthday extravaganza and Gabby turned 6!

 We baked and decorated her cake together and it was fun for both of us.

 February is also "I love to read" month so I read to the 3 different classrooms and I must admit, it is the most fun to read to kindergarteners.  Sydney looked like she wanted to crawl in a hole when I started talking about her birthday and the time she was born.  Seemed harmless to me.
 In other news, in case you are wondering what an ambulance ride costs these days.  Here you go:

Miss Cece B took her first ambulance ride with her Mama a few weeks ago.  She is now fine but had a very high fever and was very sick at the time so we took a little ride from the pediatric office.  This was a first for me, hopefully the last.

And the latest sweet b news, the faith formation director called me last evening and said that Tess had thrown up in class.  When she got home she retold the story of how it happened so fast so she threw up in her book.  I bet her teachers loved that.  So when I was putting her to bed I asked if she wanted a pail or if she would prefer a book to throw up in.  Sometimes I am not mature enough to be a parent.

So Tess and I have had a nice day at home together and she seems to keeping her food down so all is well, except that I am going into my work weekend and I feel sad about it.  (Insert Steve's eye roll right about now.)

Have a nice weekend. (sniff, sniff.)
Love, Gina

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AnaVolovsek said...

You are a wonder to me! I love you and praise you, and thank you kindly for sharing your true and raw moments, so every other mama out there that has those moments too goes "oh good, I'm not alone in my craziness"!!!