Friday, March 27, 2015

This is what I am smiling about….

  • 10 days of no school, family together and some time to relax together.
  • being outside and seeing the beautiful sunrise this morning.
  • running into my neighbor at the neighborhood coffee shop this morning, love living in a big town that feels like such a small town. 
  • my mocha this morning, it has been a while and I really love it.
  • everyone slowly waking up when they are ready to.
  • my patients yesterday initiating a hug when I said goodbye and making me feel so appreciated.
  • the girls going to a play last night with a special relative and having fun.
  • nice weather is on its way.
  • spring!
  • getting to talk to my bf this morning and still laughing together after many years and many children together.
  • we are all healthy, what a relief.
  • life
  • 4 little ladies under one roof, really everything we ever wanted.
  • and that baby, have we told you how much we love having a baby under our roof again?  
  • comfy clothes
  • a clean slate for the weekend.
I am thankful and so happy.
Have a great weekend and happy spring break to all of you that are starting your break.
Love, Gina

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stacey said...

All of this sounds absolutely perfect. xoxo