Thursday, March 19, 2015

We are breathing, this is good.

It has been a week and we are all alive so this is good.  Last Sunday I woke up throwing up at 0730 and stayed in bed the entire day.  Never mind that we were having a lot of company over for a belated family birthday party Sydney and Gabby.  The party kept on as scheduled, I did not.  By Monday Syd and Gabby were throwing up and sick as dogs.  Tuesday I decided to take them in to the pediatrician because they were so miserable.  When the nurse was taking their vitals I was just making conversation, maybe trying to distract her from my unshowered self.  I said to her, "Have you guys been busy?"  She responded, "Yes, I am surprised, you would think with the nice weather people would want to be outside!"  I kept to my pretend civil self and didn't respond, "Idiot, we are sick…..we don't want to be here!"  Then the doctor saw the girls and Sydney had a virus and Gabby tested positive for strep.  While we were there I mentioned that Cece had been really fussy and asked her to please look in her ears.  She looked and yep, double ear infection.  As we were leaving I said to the doctor who I know, work with and like, "How are you doing?  Have you been healthy with all of this around you?"  She responded cheerily, "I really don't get sick much, I guess good hand washing!"  Ouch, I smiled and left but had so many good come backs in my head that I wanted to say.  None of which were kind so I kept them to myself.     Wednesday Steve was also home sick, so pretty much everyone but Tess is on the mend.  I may have had a little cry this morning feeling overwhelmed with everything that all of this sickness involves.  Maybe if I wasn't recouping myself it wouldn't have been so bad but wow.  As of today I may have washed every piece of bedding, clothing and surface in our house…all this week.

Enough complaining now lets take a look at the photos from the party.  The party was a great group effort I hear, Beth and Mike were awesome and came over early to get things going and then everyone else pitched in.  Thank you to everyone that helped.  I think the photos were taken by Tess, they made me laugh, here are a few of them.

 The next 2 are my personal favorites and really tell me so much about the party I missed.
 Such a fun party you are playing a game on your phone?
 What photographer doesn't like to see a photo of themselves once in a while?
Thanks Tess.

Love, Gina

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