Tuesday, April 07, 2015

We took a break for spring.

Yesterday was a hard morning, the first morning back to school and back to life.  We stayed in town for Spring Break but just enjoyed each others company and a relaxed time.  Oh how I love having the girls home and a relaxed schedule.  I snapped a few photos on my phone and camera to share.  

We hit our park several times and played on our new equipment.  
 we had several family bike rides and enjoyed our favorite Lake Harriet.

 We did some baking for the sweet lovers.
 we hung out in the yard and enjoyed the nice weather

 we enjoyed sidewalk art
 we played with friends and enjoyed sleepovers

 we spoiled this little girl some more

 and spent a lot of time on the porch

 a scene I love to see, signs that children live here and are at play
 neighbor fun
 and babies trying to act like big girls still in her pj's.
 we always love coloring eggs

 Taking walks
 And more park time makes everyone happy.

 It was all a whirlwind and I think I am still sad about it today that it is all over.
The girls were good, some fighting as you could imagine but managed chaos and fun at the same time.  Looking forward to time off with them again.

Have a great week.
Love, Gina

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stacey said...

I love all the photos but especially the one of your front steps and all the chalk. Evidence of fun and play, yes. Looks like you had a wonderful week together. xo