Monday, May 04, 2015

Sweet B Fun Facts

I have barely posted anything lately and it isn't because we haven't done anything….it is because I am out of energy by the end of the day.  So now it is time for a post full of random updates from the last month with photos later, a list of the good, bad and the ugly.
  • Our weekends have been full of many events, a lot of fun things but very full. 
  • Nana and Papa gave us a much needed break and we appreciated it so much and know that it was probably a lot of work for them.  It is nice to be reminded how much fun you can have with your husband and what your house looks like when no one is destroying if for 2 days.  
  • My 2 nieces had their first communions this month, very sweet.
  • My Mom was in town to help my sister and I loved seeing her off and on during the week.  A wonderful novelty since she retired.
  • Cece hung out with her Godparents so Steve could have some big girl time over the weekend.  
  • The girls and Steve went to a Father/Daughter Dance and had a ball together.  I loved seeing them all ready to go out together.
  • We had lice at our house….all of you judgers, your time will come too if your children go to school….I was once a judger too.  
  • Someone opened their car door wide open as we were driving by them and put a nice door mark in my precious van.  I cried like they ran my child over, not because I love my van that much but because I didn't know when I was going to have a free minute to take care of the dent.  (And also because crying is my favorite coping mechanism.)
  • Last week Steve started antibiotics for a tooth abscess, Gabby started antibiotics for strep throat and Cece for an ear infection that she can't shake.  50% of us were fine, do we call those good odds?
  • My stomach still does flip flops when I get to hold Cece after my work weekend. 
  • The weather is glorious here, it makes me so happy and makes me crave iced mocha's.  
  • Backyard movie season has started.  
  • I have been looking forward to May, April really wasn't my favorite.  
  • Tess has her golden birthday this weekend and has been talking about it for months.  
  • All of you men out there, a little reminder…..Mother's Day is Sunday.  All of you children out there, don't fight and ruin Mommy's special day.  All of you future Mom's out there, don't have a baby the first 2 weeks of May, you will have to throw birthday parties on your special day.  
  • We went to a Twins game as a family on Friday and it was really fun, the girls had fun and Cece only fell through the seat about 3 times.  I call that a win.  
  • School is almost out and I am so looking forward to summer.  
Have a great day!  
Love, Gina


stacey said...

Yes to the having a baby the first few weeks of May! There are some years where you will even have to share your special day with that particular birthday! :) Loved your list. Love you.

Higuaniona Almonte said...

Hi Gina omg is good to know that you and your family are doing great. You all look fabulous! God bless your family. Wow 4 girls you rock!

love Hionny