Thursday, June 04, 2015

The night before school ends.

It is nearly midnight and I just finished rolling out the carmel rolls.  Carmel rolls are the tradition for the first and last day of school.  Sign of the times….rolling them out at almost midnight.  Tomorrow is the last day all 3 girls will be at the same school.  The last day in their school career together.  I loved having them all together, it felt comforting to me and it also made life easier for us as well.  Today was Sydney's graduation ceremony and I still can't believe that next year she will be heading to middle school.  It feels like just yesterday I was putting her on the bus for the first time as pictured above.  Our little girl is growing up much too fast and every day I am reminded that time is really the only commodity that matters.  I love the ages that our girls are right now and never want this to end.  I know this isn't possible, so for now I will just soak it all in and try to savor every moment we are blessed with.    

Good night.
Love, Gina

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