Saturday, July 25, 2015

Did I Tell You I Love Summer?

Sadly it is already the end of July and I am far from ready for the girls to return to school.  We have had such a great summer so far with one fun thing after another and still a lot more to come.  Before I get too far behind I want to post some photos of some of the highlights.

June was busy with lots of camps, some I photographed and some I didn't.  Syd did a babysitting camp and probably could have taught it herself.;)  Gabby took a soccer camp and all three went to VBS.  Syd was a group leader this year and thought that was pretty special since her Auntie Beth was also a volunteer with her.   She claims she isn't going to do it next year but I feel differently about that…one week all summer when all 3 children are all dropped at the same place, I call this a win.
Syd took a Ninja camp with several of her friends and I am sure learned a ton of life skills;)  She enjoyed it okay, it was fun, don't judge.
The ladies have been having fun with the neighbor kids and Gabby had a ball with these 2 sweet neighbor friends on a teddy bear trolley tour.  
I have been enjoying some coffee dates with my sissy and am glad we started that tradition.
We have walked to the Kingfield Farmers Market several times and we all enjoy it.  (We do find the girls really whine if it is too hot.)
The Lake Harriet bandshell is a fun place to take a biking break and enjoy some music and of course eat ice cream.
A little Hunt and Gather has always been a favorite place for us to hunt.
The pool as usual is a hit for the ladies and with Cece in tow I try not to sit down at all and wonder why anyone would ever bring a book.
The new park equipment is awesome and a hop, skip and a jump away.
The puppy really enjoys that we have a toddler living at our house.
We celebrated 14 years together on July 14th.  We had a really fun date and I think we need to plan another one soon because dates are fun and we don't have enough.  (Steve almost faints when I take my pony tail out AND put earrings in.)
We remembered Auntie Joyce's birthday with a little french silk pie.  We still miss her so much.  Gabby and Cece would have loved her and she would have loved them.   I hate ovarian cancer.  
We have enjoyed some cold drinks…some caffeinated (for me) and some not, for the littles.
Lake Harriet has been a hit again this year
and this little girl sometimes sacrifices the nap for everyone to have fun during the day.
Bike rides that end in ice cream treats will always be our tradition.
Last weekend we were invited to a friend's wonderful family retreat.  We had this beautiful view all weekend and loved it….and the company too.

This very special friend invited us and our crazy circus

The children played beautifully
Despite how Tess looks, we did wear sunscreen.)

and the adults even had some relaxation time too.  (As much relaxation time as you have with 6 kids!)

We are so thankful for the fun weekend.
Then we celebrated a birthday of a very special lady.  I can't even think or talk about them moving away.
And last week our neighbor had a fairy garden making party. The ladies have enjoyed this several years in a row.  

I love seeing how creative they can be.

Thankfully the neighborhood pool is still fun for the girls.  Although as seen in the below photo…not always fun for everyone.  (Check out Miss Cece.)
As you can see it has been a perfect summer so far and there is still more time for more fun.  
Enjoy your weekend.
Love, Gina

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stacey said...

Summer is the best. Loved all of this and especially loved the photos from last weekend. It was such a wonderful time and it makes me so happy to share those memories with you. Love you.