Sunday, July 12, 2015

Once upon a vacation...

We took a vacation last month, a super fun vacation and I took hundreds of photos.  I was a really good tourist and brought my camera everywhere.  A tourist in a town that we called home for 10 years.  Boston.   The summer is flying by and I am finally posting photos from our fun family vacation.  We love Boston and Boston never disapoints us.  The only disappointing thing was time went too fast, we saw a lot of people but not everyone we wanted to see and the people we saw, we didn't get to see long enough. 

The whole trip was so much fun, even flying on the airplane.  The girls were great ages to fly and I loved seeing how excited they were about the trip.  
I sat by Sydney and she let me sleep, I loved that about my travel partner.  I love a good nap on a plane.   

We flew to Boston for the wedding of this lovely couple.  Their wedding was beautiful and everything was just perfect.  What Minnesotan doesn't love a wedding reception that overlooks the ocean? 
This lady is such a special friend and I loved seeing her.  She lived 2 doors down from us and was a large part of my sanity as a new Mom far away from my own Mom. 
And these ladies I watched grow up and turn into such wonderful, beautiful ladies.  It was so fun to spend time with them again. 

We spent the week visiting people and places that we love in Boston.   

Castle Island was always a hit for our family and we

loved seeing this special family. 
they also put up with our crazy family many times during the week. 

Karen took us to a place just a few blocks from our condo, "The Lawn on D" was a lot of fun and new since we moved out of Southie. 

We didn't rent a car and took the train a majority of the time while we were there.  Something we did everday while we lived in Boston but a fun novelty for the girls while we were in town. 

Dunkin' Donuts was one of the highlights of our time in Boston and now that the girls are older I had to fight them for my own iced coffee.  Oh how I already miss the ice coffee there. 
We hit all of the tourist attractions and acted like tourists in a town that we are very familiar with. 

we have photos of these girls as toddlers on the ducklings...where did the time go?

Yes I know, wearing sneakers like a true tourist with a camera bag always in tow.  (Say it proud, "We moved away and now I am a nerdy tourist."
We stopped for an morning nutritious snack to wash down the donuts. 

The beutiful public library...we may have just stopped there for their clean bathrooms. 
Sick of photos and the forced march. (The sight of the proposal 15 years ago.)
The park bench where Steve proposed 15 years ago.

and now also the sight where Gabby bumped her head and cried after her and her sisters were messing around. 

A water break makes everyone happy.

and a pastry break at our favorite pastry shop also makes us all happy.

then back to southie to visit this beautiful family.....why did I only take a photos of one cute person of this family of 5?  We enjoyed our Chatfield time. 
and this lady visited me at our hotel, we enjoyed a quiet visit. 
Then we brought some locals on our forced march tour of Fenway park

then said our goodbyes and checked out the Old North Church.

The Duck Boat tours probably were the favorite attraction for the girls. 

they did a nice job driving the boat

we drove past "Cheers" which means nothing to their generation....
and a dip at the Campers' pool brings back happy memories. 
we loved seeing this little girl too. 

and having a hay day with all of their family and friends. 

we still really do love Southie, in fact I think Steve would move back in a heartbeat.  I don't know if I am ready to move 6 people into 1100 square feet again. 

We went to the Childrens Museum and found "our tile" that we bought years ago. 

and we hit the water again. 

I love seeing our girls act like children enjoying the simple things. 

and we couldn't leave Boston without a Boston cream pie.
Steve also met up with an old friend.  (When we were looking at these photos Gabby asked, "Was that Daddy's sister?"  Hmmmmm....No Gabby, your Dad doesn't have any sisters.)  
Back to Castle Island for more fun

and then more fun at the Altieri's.

Thoroughly entertained with more fun activities. 

Before we left town Tess just really wanted to play in the ocean again and so that was what we did. 

We had such a fun vacation.  The girls were awesome and the perfect age for our visit and touring.  We missed Miss Cece but know that she had a much better time hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa in Minnesota.  (Thank you Mom and Dad.) Oh how we love our Massachusetts family and the wonderful city we lived in.  We look forward to another trip back in the future.  (We will bring you next time Cece, please don't be mad, it was your Dad's idea to leave you behind;)

Love, Gina

P.S.We missed Auntie Sue being there:(

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stacey said...

I'm so happy you guys had so much fun. Lots of great memories for your girls!! I'm sure you miss that awesome city, but I'm so happy you are here and would have to seriously injure Steve if he took you back there. ;)