Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Summer lovin' with a touch of chaos.

Today is July 1st and I find it unbelievable that June is already gone.  June was great, June was fun but really all too fast.  I have so many memories that I want to document but no time to do it.  I can't accomplish much extra with all 4 girls home and the puppy too.  If I have an extra minute I like to use it to breathe, maybe go to the bathroom and also sleep a little too, blogging is pretty much the bottom of the priority list.  I have hundreds of photos to go through from our last weeks of school and our first weeks of summer vacation.  For now I will jot down a few random thoughts and work on photos when I can.
  • I love Summer, it is my favorite season.
  • It is easy to be a fun parent in the summer, especially when you go away on vacation.
  • I love school break and not bugging children about homework and getting to bed.  
  • We have summer piano lessons at our house and they hate it.  
  • I hate nagging them to practice piano and feel like I have teenagers when I do.  
  • Our baby turned 18 months this week.  Can you believe it?  We really love her so much and I am  so thankful that we got to "do it all over again."
  • I still wish I could have another baby, how crazy is that and should I really admit that online to everyone?  (Please don't judge me, I am just honest.)  I have 4 healthy beautiful daughters that I am so thankful for and plenty to do,  I just love being pregnant and having little ones.  
  • Our puppy is getting better but he kind of makes me nuts at times….a baby may have been easier;)
  • Tess is so awesome with her dog, I would be really exhausted if she wasn't home on break.  I may have to sign him up for daycare when she returns to school.
  • Sydney is taking a babysitting camp this week, I love to hear what she has to say about it after every day.  I think she could teach it.  
  • I was dragging my butt to work the other day and that day a patient's  husband came out to the desk to personally thank me and really made me feel like I made a difference.  (It is nice to feel like I "still have it."  
  • I hope I still have some friends left after the summer is over, I have barely had a minute to return phone calls, texts or emails.  Please forgive me.  
  • Gabby is really enjoying her Summer and playing with her cousin and friends every minute she can.  
  • Tess and Gabby really enjoy fighting in their spare time.
  • I am really enjoying caffeine lately.  My doctor recommended I start on Iron and Vitamin D because they were both low but I really think caffeine is a better recommendation.  I wish I could get a prescription that insurance would cover to Caribou or Starbucks.  
  • Our girls are really looking forward to the 4th of July.  I love that our community has something fun planned every year.  
I must get back to business, nap time is almost over.  
Love, Gina

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stacey said...

I can't believe how fast June went. It's always so obvious that you guys make summer such a fun time for your girls. xoxoxo