Friday, July 03, 2015

We camped, we tented and we had fun.

We did it, we had our annual camping weekend a few weeks ago and we survived.  We even had fun.  As I have told you before, I don't love camping but I do love to watch the kids have so much fun and this makes me so happy.  It also makes me so happy to watch my Aunts and Uncles dote on our children and bend over backwards to make everything fun for them.  I also love and appreciate how much our family helps us with the girls.  I am quite certain we couldn't pull off camping on our own and feel so blessed that they are all so wonderful.  I didn't snap as many photos this year, I think it may have had something to do with having a toddler and a puppy along.  Here are a few highlights.  

This cute little lady, she was a great camper minus sleeping in a tent on the first night.  Amateur Mom move, I tried to lay her down at the same time as I went to bed.  Seeing Mommy lay down next to your pack and play at night = playtime in her mind.  We may have went to sleep sometime around midnight, but she did sleep through the thunderstorm so I forgave her for being stubborn at bedtime.  What can I say, she likes to party…too bad her Mom is past her college days and doesn't party much anymore.  
The cousins had a ball together and did much better in their tent…not sure why I didn't take their picture in the mammoth sized tent, oh that is right, I was wrestling a gator in my own private tent.
I love that the "big girls" still enjoy our camping weekend.

Cece avoided walking as much as possible and found plenty of people to carry her around.
Jiffy Pop is always a favorite by Auntie Jayne

We spent many hours sitting by the fire or managing children by the fire.

This girl was in heaven having her very own dog along for the trip.
We took a little hike together

and played many games.
They puppy was a group effort, especially by the "dog lovers" of the family.
Cooling off at the beach was a perfect afternoon activity.

and then back to more hanging out together.

The master grillers kept us well fed as usual.

and Auntie Julie brought a delicious s'more experiment.
This little girl grabbed me and said, "Come on Mom, lets run to the dock quick to watch the sunset."  This made my heart happy, even if we barely made it.

morning breakfasts were a treat and we experimented with cinnamon rolls on the fire.

Watching my Grandma with her youngest Great Grandchild all weekend was also priceless.
So shocked she could get her to actually walk.  Finally found someone who can tell that little girl what to do;)

We ended with the beef jerky contest and Grandma took first place.  Shocker we didn't find time to make an entry.  Maybe next year.

Another year of camping success, 2 parents, 1 puppy and 4 children…no problem.  (I lie.)   But still fun times.
Love, Gina

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stacey said...

Seriously. You are amazing and such a great mom.
And it looks like you took plenty of photos even with a toddler and puppy!! Love them.