Monday, August 24, 2015

First Day 2015-16

Today was our first day of school.  I have very mixed feelings about the first day of school.  Sad because the Summer is coming to a close and I love summer with the girls and still need more time to do a few more things but I will always want to "do a few more things."  On the other hand the next photo is a perfect example of why they also need to go back to school
yes, the fighting and irritating each other is starting to really annoy me and I know they are excited for school to start again.  The lazy part of me as a Mom doesn't want to return to homework evenings.  I really don't enjoy homework and love the "free evenings" that summer brings.  The hardest part was dropping this "little girl" off at school.  Her first day of middle school.  She was nervous and I was probably more nervous.  I can't stand to see the girls so uneasy.  I know it will all be fine but I just wanted to do it for her to save her the anxiety.  I was so proud of her when I walked her into the school.  (Thank you to my Mom, I was able to bring her by myself.)

Her best friend since preschool also came with us and really seemed to help put her at ease.

I saw parents waiting outside, clearly they had been told that they couldn't walk any further with their child.  I was secretly happy that Sydney let me walk her in to her locker.  I kissed her goodbye and managed to not cry while I was in front of anyone.  As I have said before, the passage of time is so alarming to me.  I still remember the day she was born and how I blinked and it was time to bring her to middle school.  I never want to forget any of this and hope that they don't either.

I returned home and then was able to take Tess and Gabby to their school.  It was really hard to walk in without Sydney, we always go in that school as a group and now she wasn't with us.  How did this all happen so fast?  Tess and Gabby walked in confidently and happy to be back to their school
Tess was a little hesitant to kiss me in front of her friends but don't worry, I made her.  (Pride will not keep my babies from kissing their Mama.)
Gabby had no problem at all kissing me goodbye, I do love a 1st grader!  The girls all made me so proud, we are so blessed.   Then I went home to my 2 toddlers, Cece and Meako, the day flew by and we had a nice day.  Now I am very excited to hear about every one's day.

Have a great week.
Love, Gina

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