Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Vacation Never Gets Old

We just returned from another wonderful vacation "up north."  The weather was perfect and the girls were so good.  It is the best "no nonsense" vacation a person could ask for.  As usual I am sad it is over but we made so many fun memories while we were there.  

We stopped at our favorite junk store on the way, Treasure City!

we wasted no time and hit the beach.  
this girl fished every spare minute she could
the paddle boat was always occupied
and we frequented the Chocolate Ox as much as possible.
playing was our main game

and we enjoyed family visiting as well

evening swims were the best
and little miss cece was showered with attention as usual

our big girl still enjoys being with us

and boat rides made everyone happy

dinner out at the fancy legion makes us laugh

and s'mores never disappoint
fishing with daddy on the dock was very sweet
and gabby caught a big one!

tess and her buddy were inseparable
playing was serious business
the week was one continuous snack time
tess caught a bigger one and was so proud

sometimes we needed to strap these 2 down
a few people show up for turtle races

and i love watching the races or actually just our girls

kids activity time was a fun hour for them and a fun hour for us

adults also played and relaxed

mama forced a try at the family photo

and this girl doesn't mind mama forcing the camera

we played
we danced
we swam
and the cousins visited

we had a little potluck 

fished one last time

and i snapped my favorite photo of the entire vacation (wedding slideshow material)

we had one last cabin snack together

and mama forced a few more dock photos with our 4 ladies

impossible task

you can't say i didn't try….one little lady made me stop trying
but i did enjoy one last sunset
and i keep daydreaming about returning again next year.

love, gina


stacey said...

I can't believe you already blogged about this!! I'm impressed. Looks like you guys had a wonderful time, what awesome memories you are creating with your girls. xo

Naomi said...

my my you've been busy this summer! Looks like it's been a fun one. can't believe how quickly it is fading though...eek. hope you are well! and thanks for visiting my little corner of the web. :)