Friday, November 13, 2015

Dear Friday, I missed you so much.

It is Friday afternoon and we are all off this weekend.  The house smells like pumpkin muffins that just came out of the over and the house will be quiet for one more hour.  It is a crisp Fall day and the start of a perfect weekend.  I love how happy Fridays can be with the anticipation of a nice weekend together.  The week was good, so many things to be happy about, I probably should jot them down.  I need to reread them on Sunday night.

  • Chocolate chip pumpkin muffins waiting for the girls when they walk in the door from school.
  • Costco trip behind us, Cece didn't enjoy it and let everyone know it. 
  • Coffee with a special friend.
  • I painted our bathroom ceiling.  Isn't that exciting?
  • Report cards were good and the girls were so proud.
  • Gabby's spelling test is over for the week and thanks to "spell check" in her future no one really cares.
  • Tess is loving hockey so much and thrives on constant activity.
  • Sydney is like her mother and thrives on pajama pants and a good book.
  • I have started Christmas shopping and it feels good.
  • We don't have snow yet and I love it.
  • My SIL is still stable.
  • We had a date with Jim Gaffigan last weekend and I laughed until I cried.  He is really funny and I don't remember the last time we went on a triple date with my siblings.
  • A former lovely patient stopped in with treats and a card for her nurses.  When I came to the desk and she saw me she started crying.  I complain about the struggles of being a working Mom but moments like these make me realize how meaningful my job is and how my job is a gift.  People like this woman are a gift to me.  Thank you C. for making my day.
  • The girls got a package from special friends this week and they were so happy.
  • The laundry is semi caught up and the house is semi clean for the weekend.
  • Cece got a little car from the neighbor family and it has provided her with hours of driving fun outside.  We are so lucky to have such nice neighbors.
Have a great weekend.
Love, Gina


stacey said...

I laughed out loud at the spell check comment! Truth!
So happy you had that experience with that patient. It's so wonderful to be appreciated and I'm so glad you were bc you are such a wonderful nurse.
Love our weekends off and love you.

love, the newtons said...

It was sooo awesome to see you the other day, I didn't think you would be there so it was quite a surprise when you popped up! Though we only spent roughly 8 hours together while I was in labor, they were 8 very important hours to me...hours filled with so many emotions before becoming a mom for the first time. I feel so blessed that you were the person I got to share it with, and then being able to follow your blog the past 6 years, I get to actually "know" your whole family. Your girls are all so gorgeous, growing so fast and your commentary on life cracks me up. Your blog is the reason I have 5,000 pictures on my phone right now, you have inspired me to capture as many moments as I possibly have been more of an inspiration to me than you know and you deserve to be celebrated! Thank you for everything you do!