Sunday, December 27, 2015

Plaetz Circus

We all gathered at my Mom and Dad's for Plaetz Christmas and the natives are looking a little restless in the photos.
Grandma Julie and Grandpa Bob have a great place for them to play and when we all drag them out to photograph them they all seem to rebel.
Present opening is always interesting because my Mom likes to keep things orderly so we can all see the gifts we gave everyone and the kids just want to rip and tear as fast as they can….battle of the wills.
this always makes me feel conflicted in my mind between my thoughtful Mom and my impatient children.  I always enjoy something to worry about in my head.
Then we celebrated everyone that has a crummy holiday birthday.
I may have threw a mammoth sized fit when I opened up the pie box that I ordered for Cece's birthday and it was decorated red and green!!!!  As if it isn't bad enough to have a December 28th birthday and then they decorate your pie in holiday colors?!?!?  Live and learn, specify that you don't want a holiday pie in the future.  Family members that were trying to smooth over my immature fit recommended I post the photos in black and white and no one would ever know…..Lets be honest, she is 2, she likes french silk pie in any color.
Isabel…January 1st birthday.
Alex…December 25th birthday (winner of the worst birth date but his cake wasn't red and green!)
Always something to laugh about.
Love, Gina

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