Saturday, January 02, 2016

Taking a break in Colorado

We made our first long road trip as a family of 6 to Colorado to visit Steve's brother Paul and family over holiday break.  The drive was 14 hours straight through and we made it through with flying colors.

Let us be honest, road trips aren't like when we were little….we have this little beauty, the van with the movie screen and head phones.  

and 3 children to entertain the child that wants to be entertained.  
They took turns sitting by Cece and all went very well.  
We arrived very late in the day, slept in and it was time for days of fun with the cousins.  

Skiing with the cousins was a favorite, the weather was beautiful.  
It was nice to see everyone pick up where they left off and play together.  
The hot tub is always a favorite activity for the kids and this visit was no different.
*on a side note the girls returned home with bad rashes.  I took them into the pediatrician to get checked out and received my verbal beating on children and hot tubs and how they are a "cesspool of germs, bacteria and chemicals…..and should not go in them"  Not an awkward conversation at all with a doctor that I work with…..hey at least I didn't let the toddler go in?!  The evening of the doctor appointment we received a text from the parents of Tess's friends parents during their play date…."we are going to take the kids to play in my parents hot tub."  The doctor would have been so proud of how well we take a verbal beating and follow instructions.

The fun continued with bowling and arcade fun, visiting our friends the Trujillos 

Rollerskating and just hanging out together.  We appreciate them taking in our circus with open arms!  A good time was had by all!

The ride home was an adventure for all, Cece played on her new microphone for a good portion of the ride, we loved that she was entertained but the music may have started to grind on our nerves.
This stop made us happy for several hours.
A little Dunkin' Donuts always brings a smile to our face, we really miss that place.

This iced coffee made me very happy and also hard for me to not wet my pants.

During some gasoline stops one little lady ruled the car.

Let's be honest, she rules our house.  The trip was fun, the girls were awesome and we had a great time catching up.  So nice to see the kids pick up where they left off and entertain each other despite the distance and time that passes.

Love, Gina

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