Monday, February 22, 2016

An Intimate Celebration....

 We celebrated Sydney and Gabby's birthday with family over the weekend and this year the party was very small.  Miss Cece started throwing up Friday night and continued through Sunday afternoon.  A few brave souls still came and we are so thankful to them for coming.  I hope they stayed healthy.

 by Sunday evening Sydney was throwing up, by Monday noon Steve was on his way home sick from work and Gabby came home on the bus and told me she threw up at school.  (Saved me a trip to school but maybe next time mention it to your teacher!)  She continued to throw up into the evening and then turned things around quickly.  Tess and I managed to avoid the plague so far but are exhausted from taking care of the "sickies."  I have consumed entirely too much coffee and junk food to fend off my pity party and give me strength.  Wish someone would come over and do all of this laundry.
Love, Gina

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