Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Magical Number 7.

Gabby rolled over on the couch this morning and said to me, "Its my birthday and I feel better!"  I was so happy because I was hoping she wouldn't spend her 7th birthday throwing up.  We popped the carmel rolls in the oven because she said she was really hungry.  (I learned in nursing school to start with heavy cream and things like that when you are just coming off a stomach bug.)  She did fine and begged to go to school.  I asked her if she wanted me to make her lunch and she said, "No I want to have school lunch because when I punch in my ID number it will tell me Happy Birthday!"  Very cute and I was off the hook.  I read to her class in the morning and Cece was only slightly distracting, threw her socks and shoes off and gave a commentary of the books.

She chose Noodles for dinner and we enjoyed a nice little celebration together.  She asked for a cake "just like Sydney's" so I made it again.  Only Tess and I ate it because no one else really feels that good yet.  (Didn't stop me, I feel fine and deserve it.)
I remember her delivery day like it was yesterday.  My water broke the morning of the 23rd and my scheduled cesarean section was scheduled for February 25th.  I wasn't ready yet but she was.  My special nurse was Stacey.  I remember her holding my hands so tight when I was getting my spinal and when the anesthesiologist "missed" several times we rolled our eyes together as the doctors continued with their mundane chatter unrelated to the spinal they were having difficulty placing.  I will never forget her knowing glance as I was about to cry.  She was the caring person that I needed.  After the miserable spinal placement I was a nervous wreck but Gabby came out screaming.  She was a little dream baby, she was happy, content and low maintenance.  Gabby has brought so much joy and happiness to our family.  I thank God for our Gabby everyday.

I love you so much Gabby.
Love, Gina/Mom

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