Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter 2016

Easter 2016 we celebrated with Steve's side of the family had a fun time with family.   The above photo was very difficult to get and my smile is completely fake because I was completed annoyed with my entire family for not cooperating for one photo.  As a Mom getting ready for Easter service is a busy task, making sure everyone has an outfit, tights, shoes and a bath within the week.  All I wanted was a couple of photos and you would think I asked them to cut off their right arm.  Okay, I will stop complaining.

The girls call her the "kiss up" but I don't care, she sat for a photo.

The Easter egg hunt was easier to photograph as my expectations were low and the kids were happy and I had more then my phone.  

Nana and Papa didn't disappoint and we all had a fun time.

Love, Gina

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