Thursday, March 31, 2016

One Last Surgery for the Sweet B's

Miss Tess had her tongue biopsy  and was the champ that we already know she is.  Before the surgery as you can see in the photo she was her usual silly self.  Keeping us all laughing.  She packed herself a breakfast for the ride home so she clearly had no idea what recovery would feel like.  
After surgery she looked ike this and the photo is worth a thousand words, she was miserable.  As the surgeon described the surgery, they clamped her tongue and cut out a "pie piece" of tongue where the growth was on the side/back of her tongue.  Sounds awful doesn't it?  It was and she was in so much pain.  This is the girl who rarely cries and when she does she hides from us.  When we got home she laid her head down on the kitchen counter and sobbed in pain.  It was dreadful and of course I cried with her.  Shortly after that I went to the computer and ordered the trampoline that the girls had been asking for for almost a year.  She deserved it.  Her sisters were feeling very badly watching her so miserable.  I brought Gabby with to the pharmacy to pick up her medications.  When we got to Walgreens Gabby said, "I feel really bad for Tess, can I pick a small gift for her?"  I agreed and she picked out the gift of her choice.  She picked out a whoopee cushion!  When we were leaving Walgreens I said to her, "That is really nice that you picked out a gift for Tess."  She responded, "Yes it is nice that even though we don't like each other, at least we still care about each other." Hmmmm, should a Mom be proud?  

The week was rough and it took several days for her pain to subside.  I on the other hand was sick with worry for over a week waiting for her biopsy results to come back.  The girls will remember spring break 2016 as the week that Tess was in pain and Mom was immobilized with worry and bad parenting.  Lets just say we hung closely to Tess on the couch, watched a lot of TV and ate a lot of ice cream to support her.  Thank you to all of the special friends and family that sent cards, brought treats to the house and prayed for Tess and kept me from going over the edge.  I will be forever grateful to all of you and thankful to God for letting our little girl be okay.  So happy it is all over and now things are much more back to "normal" and we are enjoying our trampoline, both kids and adults.  Her biopsy came back benign and we all breathed a sigh of relief.

Love, Gina

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stacey said...

Oh friend, I know what a stressful week it was for you. You are such a good mom and that's what they are going to remember. And maybe the trampoline. :) xo