Thursday, March 10, 2016

This brings us to now.....

The weather has been gorgeous and we have enjoyed some family time at Lake Harriet.
 We finished hockey and took some deep breaths.
Our little goalie did great but it is hard on my heart.  

 I had some sister coffee time
 We celebrated #7 with friends at our favorite trampoline park.

 She met with an oral surgeon and the 3rd sweet b will have surgery in less then a month.  Removing a growth on her tongue, prayers for an easy recovery and normal biopsy.
 We hit a play together
 and celebrated a special lady's birthday.  Happy Birthday Mom!
 Happiest day ever, new dishwasher...didn't want to replace an appliance in our old kitchen but 2 days without it reminded me that I did want to replace it.  6 people + no dishwasher = crabby
 We celebrated special neighbors that downsized this week.
 Lastly, porch weather makes me so very happy.  (Don't mind the spruce tips in the window boxes.)
 Happy Thursday people.  Have a great weekend.  It is my Sunday afternoon.
Love, Gina

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stacey said...

It was a good week.
Praying for Tess, and for you. xo