Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Dear May, You are busy but I really love you.

We are winding down for the school year and running all over the place these days.  It is busy but the weather is glorious and this really helps my mental health when the sun is shining.  All of the activity wrap ups keep us on the move.  This little lady and I are soaking up our last weeks of time together.  
I am trying to soak up all of the cute things toddlers do before I blink and she is all grown up.  She put her babies down for a nap on the kitchen floor the other day, it was adorable.
Sometimes I put food out for her that really displeases her and she lets me know if.  I photograph instead of getting angry, this is a very familiar scene.
We took Meako for a haircut and a field trip to the pet store.

I love how the girls love this place and since we have a dog they don't ask me as often to buy other things.  For example these disgusting mice.

Sometimes Meako gets a really bad haircut, this was one of those times.
Gabby's class had a penguin visit, everyone thought it was  amazing.

I am reading Gabby's face right now, it says, "Why did she bring my toddler sister with during nap time."  This is actually what I asked myself as well when she because "done" and threw herself on the floor during the presentation and yelled to me, "Mom, come lay by me."

Activity carpooling is in full swing, What would I do without our minivan.  It is so nerdy but I love it so much.  You would too.
Once we empty out Cece makes sure all of her babies are safe.
Gabby had a really cute program in school, she was pretty excited about her role as the bat.  She made us proud.

Gabby is such a good sport about entertaining Cece during Lacrosse games.
Yes those are winter boots, you never argue with a two year old when you need to get out the door in a hurry.  I mean really, who cares?  People probably aren't judging her footwear, they are judging her Mom for the unhealthy snacks, the running all over, the 4 kids and the way Cece yells at all of us like a drill sergeant.   They aren't judging us for the winter boots in May.

The boss being bribed once again.
We took a little drive to Rochester for a Lacrosse game and enjoyed a little team lunch to follow.  
After that we met up for some hockey.
Miss Tess in her favorite place on the ice.
Being lucky #4 is tiring, but she will never admit it.
Then we celebrated my sister turning 30 again with a little coffee and pastries.
I read this post recently and laughed out loud, it hits the nail on the head.  Spelling tests are done, woot, woot.  Projects are wrapping up and we have one foot in summer vacation as the weather turns amazing, bike rides and walks call our name as well as the trampoline in the back yard.  I really never was cut out as a parent to work on homework so we are hitting the time of year when I can be a better Mom.  (Sad truth.) Or maybe we should just say I am trying to raise self starters.  
Have a great day.
Love, Gina

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stacey said...

I absolutely love your little play by plays of your month. They make me smile. xo