Sunday, May 29, 2016

Field Day x2

We had field day this past week for both Tess and Gabby and I would say that it would go down in the books as the worst weather field day I have ever been to.  The girls on the other hand thought it was the "best field day ever"  it rained or misted a majority of the day but the girls had a ball and Steve and I enjoyed being off together and enjoyed a dry lunch inside with my Mom in town.  Our girls love it and I am pretty sure they get this from their Dad.  As a child the majority of my memories include getting the maroon "I tried" ribbon.  Lame, please don't bother giving me a ribbon if it is going to be an "I tried" ribbon.  Might as well just say, "Loser."  But honestly, it is hard to believe that our children actually collect several place winners…clearly Steve's genes involved.  Fun times and activity number 7000 for the end of school year celebrations in the books.  I may as well take May and June off next year, it would save on a lot of anxiety.

Wet clothes and all they had a blast.  My children are resilient like their Dad.
Love, Gina

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