Monday, May 09, 2016

Tess turns 10

We celebrated our beautiful Tess's 10th birthday and she loved every second of it.  She requested her favorite homemade carmel rolls for the morning and we all enjoyed them.

We had a fun family celebration with beautiful weather.  

Later in the day Tess celebrate with friends and had a sleepover.

Lastly we celebrated just the 6 of us with more cake.
Tess gets very anxious to celebrate her Spring birthday after watching her sisters celebrate their winter birthdays.  (We all know she has the best time of year for a birthday!)  Tess loves to be social and she loves a party (clearly she not only looks like her Dad but acts like him too.)  She enjoyed her who birthday weekend and we enjoyed celebrating and laying the love and spoiling on thick.  She is such a special girl and makes everyone she meets smile.  Her caring spirit and quit wit make me so proud of her.  I love you so much sweet Tess.  Love, Mom

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stacey said...

This was such a sweet post. Love you and this sweet girl.