Sunday, June 26, 2016

Camping with the Pieps

We had our annual camping trips with the Pieps and as usual there was never a dull moment.

Games for everyone,
and for a toddler in a tent, not much relaxation
but a lot of messing around.  When we laid down in the tent she said to me, "This is going to be fun!"  It was cute, especially for the first 1/2 hour before I was really tired and ready for her to settle down.
Plenty of snacks,
and trails, this photo was taken right before she wiped out, I mean I couldn't hold her hand, I needed to photograph the moment;)
Beautiful views
one large tent for the families with a lot of kids.

Lots of great auntie and uncle love

and the matriarch was back again and young as ever.

Lots of dogs and Tess loved this.

Cousin love
The grillmaster did not disappoint
and oh so many fun experiences for the littles.

Fun on the canoe this year…although their faces look a little serious!

This little lady joined us for the first year and seemed to enjoy it…her parents ditched out.

The lake was a perfect place to cool off on the hot day

Jiffy Pop time is a hoot and a half and great aunties have so much patience.

The jerky contest is a great grand finale

and my brother was this year's winner.  I guess with 5 babies at home they have nothing to do but make jerky in their spare time. 

A perfect end to the camping weekend….ice cream
while one person stood in the corner and pooped…..why would you potty train when you have perfectly good diapers.  
A fun weekend and we are so thankful for our aunts and uncles working so hard and making this so fun for our families.  It takes a village and they are amazing.
Love, Gina

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stacey said...

This is just a testament to how awesome your family is that you do this with your girls every year. Amazing.
The photos of Cece with the cheetoos, classic.