Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Goodbye School Year 2015-16

 We finished our school year with a bang and the last day of school was fun for all with parties for everyone and lots of volunteering opportunities for Mama.  We started off the day with our traditional "breakfast at the bus stop."  This is always a hit and something I love that our bus crew does.

 I started by going to a park field trip with Gabby's class.  1st graders love to see their parents participate in any volunteering and it was fun to be there.
 We said goodbye to Ms. Lasser, a great teacher that taught Gabby so much but also came close to pushing this Mama over the edge.  She was perfect for Syd with a 1st born with no other siblings in school, quite a bit more difficult for a Mom of 4 to keep up with, with 3 in school.  Gabby loved her and WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!
 Tess's class picnic was a lot of fun and every activity was right up her alley.

Tess loved her class and her teacher.  I loved her Teacher too even thought I could almost be here Mom.  

Then it was time to volunteer at the middle school.  Just in case you are wondering what it is like to volunteer at the middle school.  Here is a photo of how excited your 12 year old is to pose for photos for you.  

Its okay, I can take it.  I have 4 daughters, I am built to last.  Right?!  Just reinforces how brilliant it is to have a baby when you have an almost 10 year old, when your older kids aren't so into you, your baby/toddler still thinks you walk on water.

That night we had our traditional movie night in the backyard planned by the girls and their Dad.  They loved it and Steve loved it just as much as the girls.  It was also fun with the addition of our trampoline this year.  We are looking forward to a fun summer together!
Love, Gina

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