Thursday, June 16, 2016

Pretzel Days and Fun on the Farm

 We love to get out of the city and set out for fun in the country.
 Our annual trip to Lucan "Pretzel Days" did not disappoint.
 Lots of cousin time

 Volunteering time
 Game time

 And of course water time.

 We met up with our other favorite all girl family

 and the tractor pull is always fun, even in the heat.

 Grandpa was busy working

 and no arms were broken so we call that a win.

 Never too old.
 Watching this little lady run around steals my heart.
 Treats in the heat kept everyone happy.
 Then it was time for us to leave but we left alone and the girls stayed in Lucan with Grandpa and Grandma.

 We went on not 1 but 2 dates, it was glorious.  A little Sea Salt on a beautiful evening and then
 the next night we walked to Cafe Ena for another date.
 While we were enjoying our adult time the girls were having a ball with Grandpa and Grandma, their cousins and of course their favorite, a trip to Plaetz's Dairy Farm

After everyone's fun, it was time to reunite and be parents again.  Thank you to Mom and Dad, Jane and Dennis.  It felt good to breathe.
Love, Gina

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