Friday, July 15, 2016

Anniversary Night

Our anniversary fell during the week but we didn't let it stop us from celebrating.  Not everyday a person celebrates 15 years together.  I surprised Steve and booked us a room downtown and my Mom came to stay with the girls.  Before I left to pick up Steve for work Tess said to me, "You should rent a movie to watch in the hotel room with Dad!"  This made me smile.  They were good secret keepers and didn't tell their Dad.  He was surprised and happy when I picked him up from work.  We had a really fun evening together.  I made us reservations at a sushi/steak house for us to have dinner and we arrived a few minutes early and waited for a table at the bar.  Surprise, surprise I was starving.  We waited and waited, and waited.  Then they came and asked if we just wanted to eat in the bar, we said, "No."  Then we waited some more and then they finally seated us and gave us the menus.  When the waiter came back to take our order he announced, "Sorry there is a 1.5 hour wait for sushi."  Then like any mature, hungry toddler, I explained to him it was a special night, it was our 15 year anniversary, we don't get to go out alone very often and we were looking forward to sushi, I then began to cry.  My husband may be a little desensitized to this reaction and just looked at me sympathetically while I blubbered.  The waiter then hugged me and proceeded to try to "fix" things.  We never did have sushi but we had a wonderful time together.  We laughed about my "hangry" response later and enjoyed our time together.  Thank you Mom for taking care of the girls.  We loved to celebrate together.

Love, Gina

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