Saturday, August 06, 2016

Eagles Nest

We had our annual trip to Eagles Nest as a family and the week did not disappoint.  I took a million photos and in my 10 second window of blogging, I really can't get them in a decent order so here is a pile in random order from my phone and camera.  

It was a fun and eventful week, full of swimming, ice cream, turtle races, candy, card playing, and uninterrupted playing.  A few mishaps…..Lydia fell out of bed and broke her collar bone, The power was out for 24 hours after a storm.  It was interesting to be in a little cabin during a storm.  Cece woke up and crawled in bed with us, I held her tight during the lightening, thunder and winds….I felt like it was a scene from Little House on the Prairie with baby Carrie cuddled in my bed.  Probably the last year with a crib in our room and bathing Miss Cece in our sink.  Last year with diapers?  Doubtful!  Ha.  The girls were good, the weather was great and we are so thankful for this little piece of heaven every year.
Love, Gina
P.S.Sadly missed Kelly while she was in town….

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stacey said...

You are creating such great memories for your family. Love you.