Friday, August 19, 2016

Summer days

Our summer, where did it go?  Over in a second.  But let's be honest, the last 2 weeks they were starting to fight terrible and I knew it was time.  They were excited and we had a full summer with a lot of fun so nothing to be sad about right?  Except homework….not looking forward to that or winter.  We ran all over this summer and packed in a lot.  A few things to name, 

Gabby doing a little reading, this is her favorite book and the porch is her favorite place for us to read and my favorite place too.  

This little lady could have worn a different dress every single day, she has a lot of dresses.  I never get sick of them, she kind of does and sometimes we argue about them.  "I not wear a dress." is a familiar statement.
As usual our garden had a bumper crop and the girls had a little farmers market on the street corner.  Very sweet.
We hit the water a lot

Did a lot of baking.

and met friends at the pool.

We went through a lot of groceries and I am sure more next summer.
Our dear neighbors threw a neighborhood tea party and we enjoyed the festivities.

This dolly went everywhere with us.
We biked, we swam, we visited friends and family.  Not one person in our family uttered the "B" word because I don't allow them to say bored and there wasn't a chance to get bored.  Thank you God for Summer.

Love, Gina

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stacey said...

So fun. You do such a great job at making summer so great for your girls. So sad it's over.