Monday, August 08, 2016

Surgery for Dad

The day finally arrived and my Dad finally had the back surgery that he has needed for years.  This was a major surgery.  It was really scary but he did great.  Beth, Mom and I had a fun time while he was in surgery because really, humor and snacks is the best coping mechanisms right?  Sitting in the waiting area worrying wouldn't have been helpful so we just made it fun.  (Sorry Dad.)  

Post-op I tried to explain the proper pain rating as he would rate a "5" with a smile on his face.  All of my nurse friends reading this know that you don't smile at a "5."  I found the following diagram helpful in my teaching moment.  

We visited as often as we could and he is recovering well at home now with the help of Mom to take good care of him….the waiting room during surgery may have been Mom's last fun day.  Just kidding.. kind of.  We are so happy he is on the mend now.

Love, Gina

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