Friday, September 02, 2016

and we are back

We are back to school and everyone is happy.  Everyone is always happy the first week right?
This little girl wanted her photo taken even though we aren't sending her to school, she doesn't need school, she knows everything.
2nd year of middle school for this young lady and she was excited and less nervous this year.
Last year of elementary for this little lady.
2nd grade for this little lady, she was the first one ready that morning.
school shopping was very smooth this year.  Sydney enjoyed helping with the school supplies.
we kept up our tradition of clothes shopping individually with lunch.  This works like a charm and is fun one on one with each girl.  Thank you Auntie Vicki for helping watch the littles.

Steve kept the tradition of sneaker shopping with the girls and of course treats.

I did have to do a couple last minute things with this little peach and this is what the dressing room looks like with a toddler.
The first days of school have ended with happy girls, we have really nice teachers this year.

I may have celebrated the first day with a coffee.  I offered the parents at the bus stop to come over and jump on the trampoline but no one took me up on the offer.  I guess they had other plans or incompetent bladders.

This Mama has big plans for this school year.  Trying to keep things in perspective, keeps things under control and just do my best.  This is all I can do.  I would imagine I will blink and summer will be back again.   Happy school year to everyone.  

Love, Gina


stacey said...

Love this so much. So happy it was a much better first day than last year. I love your shopping tradition and the new shoes tradition. You guys are great parents. xoxo

Annalisa said...

How is the school year going for your girls? Fun to catch up on your family! Your girls are darling.