Wednesday, October 26, 2016

September where did you go? October slow down.

I have been away from the blog and it isn't because of lack of activity.  I must admit the wind was taken out of my sail by an anonymous comment written by a very, very sick person and for this person I will pray.  There is a small population of very disturbed people in the world that need our prayers.  I will just leave it at that.

In other happy news we survived the always crazy September of getting back into the groove of life, activities, school pictures and soaking up all of our great weather.  It has been much too long since I have posted so I will catch you up with some highlights.  As pictured above, I resumed days off with my toddler boss.  She continue to be my toddler boss and we have a lot of fun together and sometimes we have power struggles too.

We had a nice coffee chat/toddler run coffee time with our friends from Marshall.  We always have fun catching up and they spoiled us with too many treats!  Thank you!

We visited with our favorite girl family in St. Peter.  2 families….10 girls.  (And no we weren't "trying for that boy."Ha)   I think of this poor Mom every time I tackle our clothing totes.  How does she do it?  
We enjoyed more lake time as a family

and possibly our last lakeside picnic of the season.  Clearly our food hadn't arrived yet…everyone looks really happy.  
Family bike rides still make us very happy.  I dread the day someone declines coming on a family bike ride.  Syd showed her sense of humor after finishing a big hill and showed her true dramatic self on the ground.  

Park time will always make this girl happy.

We hit a movie at a very fun old school theater in town. It was Cece's first movie in a theater besides as a newborn and she did great.  She actually sat on my lap the entire time and I was in heaven.
This lady mastered tantrums and I have mastered photographing them.
My cousin's son go married and we had a fun time at the wedding.  Look at my stunning cousin and her husband.  I want to look like that when Cece gets married….Okay I just want to be alive when Cece gets married.
We went to the darkest corner of the reception and took a family photo.  We had a fun evening together.
My little bro turned 40 and we celebrated the weekend together.
We had some spare change so we took the plunge.
Sydney got braces!  The first set for the family….doubtful the last.

Our Syd is growing up and we fight it as hard as we can.  We finally bought her a phone, she was probably the last in her class…what is wrong with people?  

A little truthful humor:

In other news, we co-own a bus.  More on that later, trying not to complain on this post.  We had a special visitor in town from Colorado.  

The bus is fun for children and adults alike.  This sweet boy came and played with Cece in the bus while the Mom's drank coffee and marveled about how the Sweet B family has really made it big with a bus.  

Tess still has a ball going with to the games
and even more fun with a friend
Steve is also in heaven watching football and being with his girls.

I read a book that I really enjoyed and I think you would too.  
The trampoline is still a major hit at our house and I don't regret that purchase on bit.
Sometimes I like to photograph my tomboy when she wears a dress.   Isn't she cute?
We took care of  a sweet girl and met friends at a very fun park.  
We ran a race with our dear friends and couldn't be prouder to finish again.  It always stresses me out to get ready but in the end I am always so happy to do it.  It was so nice to have wonderful friends to do it with.  They were more prepared then us (typical) but we rallied and all went well.  As a Mom and a nurse there are a lot of days that are about taking care of other people and some days it feel really good to take care of me, to do something good for me and to teach our children that we can take care of ourselves too.
We also ran into Steve's cousin there too!  Great job Sarah!  Small world!

And in the end this I know is true:
Love, Gina


Naomi said...

Im so sorry that happened on your blog. So sick and scary. On a happy note, it was nice to see you and catch up! Let's not wait so long for the next catch up. :) love all of your photos and being able to catch up via your blog!

Annalisa said...

I am so sorry that you had a disturbing comment/experience on your blog. That is really too bad, and I wish it never happened to you and your family. Most people are SO good, but sorry you ran into someone with bad intentions.

So cool that you co-own a bus!! Would love to hear more about it. Was so neat to see you a couple of weeks ago. What a breath of fresh air to see you. Take care!!!

Anonymous said...

On a positive note. I often look at your blog for smiles , laughs, and inspiration! I love watching you all grow as a family. We all miss you here in Boston! especially at BIDMC. Love Jen Duffy (Flippin)