Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Orchard fun and family party

We had our annual trip to Holmberg Orchard this year and sadly this might be our last year as This Orchard is planning to close after this year.  This is something we all look forward to every year and it is one of my favorite things to do with our family.  I always take too many photos and can't weed them out.  Watching the girls in this environment makes me so happy as I think it reminds me of my childhood.  Life growing up on the farm was so good and left me with so many wonderful memories.  Even though we are not raising our own children on the farm I still hope that they will still have fond memories of doing fun things with Grandpa and Grandma and their cousins in the small town and on the farm.  We can have the best of both worlds, right?  We try at least.  Thank you Mom and Dad for the fun visit.

My Dad wasn't able to ride the hay rack so he opted to take a family photo.  ha.

After a day at the orchard it was party time.  

My Aunt Nancy and Uncle Ron celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and unfortunately I didn't get one photo of the 2 of them.  It was a fun celebration and I am so happy for them, they are a special couple to me and have worked hard in their marriage.  A wonderful example for all of us.  Their children hired a band and our children enjoyed the band immensely.  

Epic Mom fail, I didn't realize she would lose the tights so quickly and didn't bother with bloomers so with her sleek dance moves her diaper was there for all to see.  Classy.  

But honestly, doesn't the big diaper sticking out just make the photos even better?  Cheers to another Mom fail.  Love, Gina

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