Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Year's Eve Hockey Accident

We like to end the year with a bang and 1 week after Cece was discharged from Childrens Hospital Tess made a visit the Childrens ER.  She had a accident at hockey practice and took a skate to the thigh.  15 stitches later our tough girl was put back together.  Above she is pictured with her friend that road with her Dad who is her coach.  Of course neither of her parents were at that practice!  Missing a week of hockey while her wound healed was tough but it was an even bigger bummer for her to miss her class ski trip.  Instead her and I took some time together, went to a movie and out to lunch.  I enjoyed the time with her.  She is such a good egg.  Love her.
Love, Gina

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