Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Trading beds and spaces

My last photo of our last baby "nursery" can you believe it?  This time I don't think it will be like when Gabby was 4 and we said, "Surprise, we are setting up a nursery again. "  Oh how I loved that.  I loved the pregnancy, I loved the surprised look on everyone's faces and I loved the baby.  Oh how sweet it is to get another "do over" and love another baby.  Not many people are lucky enough to do this 4 times.

These 4 babies used this same crib.  Taking the crib down one last time was a sad day for me.  The girls kept things light and all jumped in together and kept things chaotic as we like them.  Miss's Cece's transition to a big girl bed has been pretty easy because she has a buddy now.  Our friend Dave moved in last month to recuperate from spine surgery and so he is using Gabby's bedroom and Gabby and Cece are currently sharing a room and bed.  It is very sweet because both Gabby and Cece seem to enjoy it.  We are slowly figuring out that Cece needs to go to to bed first or they mess around for hours as siblings do but overall things have went well.  

Two other people also got a new bed last month…..we graduated from our full size to a king last month!  2 mattresses later because the 1st mattress didn't fit up the stairs and 2 headboards later because the delivery people damaged the first one, we finally have our bed organized.  Steve isn't sure he likes the giant bed but I am sure that I love it.  

I especially love it when little people join us and we have plenty of room for the family.  One of us always had to leave when someone joined us in our old bed, now we just scoot over and enjoy the extra company, after all someday they will grow up and we will miss their company so I am soaking it up.  So far I have kept the dog off and hope to continue in this practice…of course I sometimes lose battles around here.

Love, Gina

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