Saturday, December 03, 2016

Tree 2016

Christmas tree shopping is always interesting with 6 people and this year didn't disappoint.  We got out of the van and Sydney took an alternative route into the place and cut her head on a wire.  Yes she is our oldest.  

Then we like to argue a little on which tree is the best.

And then everyone wanders around doing their own thing because we can't decide.

After we decide we ask some poor soul that is working to take an awkward family photo.  By this time everyone is over tree hunting and hungry.  Then Steve and I argue about how much balsam garland to to buy for on the mantle and all over the woodwork in our house because we have only lived in this house for 9 years and we can never remember how much we need from year to year.    It is really quite magical.

Before I make you any more jealous of our perfect family and our perfect family outings I will stop.
Love, Gina

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