Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A little overreaction by the nurse in the house.

As the saying goes, "Trust your gut."  Sometimes we do and sometimes we are wrong.  Cece fell off the piano bench and split her lip open quite deep.  She was crying and bleeding like crazy.  I may be a nurse but apparently blood pouring from my daughter's face causes me to overreact.  We took a little trip to the ER and they were able to give her a very special ER popsicle to treat it.  Oops.  I guess I need to calm down.  They were very nice to me and I maybe was a little embarrassed by my Mom assessment skills.  Oh well, better safe then bleeding out!
I appropriately took her for her well child visit this week and she did great.  No shots, passed her hearing and vision screen and weighed in at 29 pounds and 36.5 inches tall.  All is well and I can stop bringing her to the ER;)

Love, Gina


stacey said...

She's so darn cute.

Arjun Kapoor said...

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