Saturday, February 04, 2017

And then it was February

2016 ended so perfectly for me.  I worked 12 hours and I was at a wonderful delivery of a wonderful family so deserving of happiness after a very difficult 2015.  I still daydream of the sacred awe I was so blessed to be present for.  2017 is already flying and I managed to get 2 months behind on the blog when I was just busy living life.  Things have been a little crazy around here with 7 people and a dog.  My home manager position definitely deserves a raise but I don't see it coming.  I will keep on keeping on because that is what Mom's do.  To list a few of the things we have been up to besides work and school and a little sleep.  Everyone has had a cold except Dave.  I currently am the last one to get it.  I did enjoy this video sent to me by my SIL.

In random order:

Tess was in the read-a-thon kickoff performance.  Very cute.  Cece also enjoyed watching it from her Sister's lap.

This girl asks me to bake almost everyday.
Cece stripped down in the Walgreens while I picked up a script for Dave.  This is why errands can be so fun with her.
Gabby enjoys Zumba class after school every week.  She is the one with the foxy knee socks.
Sometimes we feel like Meako has came so far and then we are reminded that he is still a dog.
January also brought 6:30am coffee with my sissy and amazing pastries.

Adult dinner with dear friends was a nice break and a late celebration of Steve's birthday. 

Hockey brunch between tournament games.
Friend time playing Legos, one of Tess's favorite past times.
Cece is getting older and enjoying friend time with her friends when we can break away from life's Mom duties.  Below she is pictured with her friend Caden.  She also loves to play with her friends Scarlett and Rafe,
Miss Gabby and I snuck away alone for some sweets and good company.
These 2 love playing in the snow, even though we haven't had enough yet this winter.

I also had one on one time with my oldest.  Funny how she won't pose for me but I catch her doing selfies every change she gets.  #tween.

February is already moving too quickly but we have some ladies in our house that love February and can't wait for their birthdays.  I soon will be the mother of a teenager.  I deserve gifts not her right?!  I kid.  Kind of.

Love, Gina

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stacey said...

And then it was March. It's going too fast. Love all your updates.
Couldn't peel myself off my couch so thought I'd catch up on your blog.