about me

This is a picture of me
a couple of years ago.

This is me last year,
with my best friend....Steve

I struggle to write about me because I feel like my life is so much more than just me.  But here it is, I will give it a try.

I grew up in a small town, a very tiny town.  Lucan, MN.  I lived there all of my life until I became a Jackrabbit in Brookings, South Dakota.  That is where I pursued and received my nursing degree.  What a proud moment that was. 

Then I moved to Willmar, Minnesota in June of 1998 where I worked at my very first nursing job at Rice Memorial Hospital.  While I was working there I met my soul mate, Steve and new I needed to follow my heart and moved to Boston to be closer to him.  I moved there in 1999, became engaged in 2000 (whew, the move paid off!) and we married on July 14, 2001. 

Since then we have been blessed with 4 beautiful, spunky and always crazy daughters.  We moved back to Minnesota where I live as a full time Wife and Mom and a part time OB nurse.

I am really not very complicated, I have a husband, 3 children I adore and actually am living the life I had always dreamed of. (Minus the mortgage and sleep deprivation.)  My family, friends and faith help me get through this life and have stuck by me in times when I may not have been so good about keeping in touch, getting together or returning calls.  For this I will always be thankful.

A few other things you may not know about me:
  • I love chocolate
  • I am super crabby when I am hungry
  • My favorite food is dumplings and sour kraut
  • I get uncomfortable when people question me about my faith.
  • I have ran 2 marathons.
  • I love being pregnant and can't get over being "done."
  • I love my friends in Minnesota and will forever miss my friends in Boston.
  • I think a lot about how I want to live a long life and watch our girls grow up.
  • I love being in my PJ's at home, under a blanket.
  • I love my birthday, even if it means I am getting older.  How blessed am I to have another birthday?
A few things I want to teach our children before I am gone:
  • Don't let handwritten letters and thank you notes become a lost art.
  • Read 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself by Steve Chandler
  • Listen to the Statler Brothers and Kenny Rogers at some point in your life, they will make you smile.
  • Travel, travel, travel, but always remember your roots.
  • Experience is something you can't fake.
  • Life will not always be fair, but it will always be worth it.
  • Only you can make yourself happy.
  • Love does not hurt.
  • Never use the term "retard" it is disrespectful and despicable.
  • Respect and appreciate your elders, they will teach you invaluable lessons.
  • Bigger is not always better and new is not always better.
  • Treat others the way you would want to be treated.
  • Never watch the swimmers in the other lane, you will never win.
  • Never be afraid to ask for help, it is a not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of wisdom.
  • Don't sweat the small stuff.
  • You should never be "bored," bored is being too lazy to entertain yourself.
  • Life is a gift, always remember to thank your maker.

There you have it,
I'm gina... a wife. mom. sister. daughter. friend, christian. nurse and lover of our 3 sweet girls.  I am a work in progress and am working hard to be a better me.  (I can always use prayers!)