favorite blogs

I am a blog lover, I admit it.  I love writing on my blog and enjoy reading other people's blogs.    I wish I had more time to sit and read blogs, they suck me in and make me happy!  Thanks for posting on your blogs.  Thanks for making comments on my blog, that makes me really happy.  My blog is my journal and a way of keeping memories for our dear daughters.  Ask me about the blog books that I have had printed for them, they are so much fun.  I hope they will enjoy them when they get older.  (Hopefully they can get past how crazy their Mom was!)

A few blogs of friends and family, just a few to list: (Sorry I took yours off of the list if it has been more than a year since your last posting. Email me when you are back in service!)
The Moes Family
The Salfer Family
Danica's Blog
The Kircher Family
The Turzynski Family
The Akerson Family
The Montgomery Family
The Ryan Family
The Blair Family
The Liester Family
The Jenniges Family
The Suchy Family
The Trujillo Family
Beth's Blog

People I don't know but I occasionally enjoy stalking their blogs for inspiration:
The Pioneer Woman
Bree Hester
Incourage me
Simple Mom
The Simple Dollar
Want Not
Work It Mom
We Are That Family
The Power of Moms
Cakes by Paula
Danielle Laporte
In the Mom Light
Young House Love
a holy experience
andrea dekker