Baby, Gabba, Gabrielle Joyce, Cutie, Gabbs, Gibba Gabba, Gibba, Gabby

This much loved 3rd born makes us all smile and gets her way about 99% of the time, I am not sure this is a good thing but we can't help it.  Her cute little smile and sunny personality gets us every time.  She also has a stubborn side that helps her get her way.  There is no such thing as "3rd Child Syndrome" in our house, she gets oodles of attention from all 4 of us.  We love her so much.

A few things you may not know about Gabby:

  • She is crazy about her sisters.
  • She loves to run.
  • Gabby has some strong opinions.
  • She is very cute.
  • The whole family is crazy about her.
  • She is very independent.
  • She was our only child born in Minnesota.
  • She has s wardrobe that doesn't quit (with a combination of new clothes and hand me downs.)
  • She refuses to be the "baby" and can do everything her sisters can do.
  • She makes me so happy.
  • She is the first sweet B to have stitches.
  • She is my living proof that a third child is a great idea!
Love you Miss Gabby!