Family Photos 2014

As I sit down to write this holiday 2014 update it is unbelievable to me that it is already December.  Last year at this time I was busy getting ready for the holidays very, very pregnant and feeling very "busy."  Loving being pregnant but complaining to my OB that I couldn't stay asleep all night.  You know she wanted to tell me, "Lady, you can tell me about busy when you bring baby #4 home and you will laugh when you are reminded that you "couldn't sleep."  Clearly I didn't know exhaustion.  But honestly, we feel very blessed.  Obviously our big news from the year is our new addition, Miss Cecelia Marian and we call her Cece.  She has been a joy for all of us and we couldn't be more proud of our four daughters.  Over the weekend the 6 of us put up our 2 trees and Christmas decorations, adding a 11 month old to the process kept things very interesting.  We will see how long the trees stay up in one piece!  There is always a flurry of activity around here and I think my BF and I are adjusting well, can it be chaotic?  Yes.  Is this exactly what we wanted?  Yes.  At times comedian Jim Gaffigan was right when he said, "Having a 4th child is like you are drowning and then someone hands you a baby!"  But seriously, Cece has been a wonderful gift to our family.  So there you have it, life has been very good to us and we are so thankful.  As I am sure you already know, all of the girls are making the "A" honor roll, reading at a college level, fluent in 10 languages and playing a sport 8 nights a week, so I won't bore you with the details.  Instead I would like them to update you a little bit about how awesome they are on their own.  I interviewed each of the ladies over the weekend and loved to hear what they had to say.




Family photos 2014 taken by the talented Stacey Montgomery

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