my bf

Here he is, with me, on our wedding day.

my wonderful husband of 10+ years.
and this is us today.
here we are with the little people that we are proud to call our 

A few things you may or may not know about Steve and/or Us. 
  • We have been down the aisle together twice.  (Thanks Mandy and Brian for setting us up together!)
  • I surprised him at our wedding ceremony and sang a song to him.  
  • The first year of dating we lived 1500 miles from each other, absence did make the heart grow fonder!
  • Steve doesn't raise his voice (and has taught me to raise mine less.)
  • Steve knows I am crazy and still seems to love/like me.
  • He isn't a bargain shopper, I am.  He gives generously and would never skimp anyone out of anything that they deserve.  
  • Steve loves his technology, he can't live without music playing in the background, his IPhone or his Bose system. 
  • The first gift he ever gave me was a plane ticket to visit him. 
  • When we were dating we wrote a lot of letters to each other, he started all of my letters with, "Well Hello Nurse!"  (before email people.)
  • Steve doesn't put up with tradesmen that do bad work. 
  • Steve is one of the handiest people I know, given the time, he can always fix or construct anything.  
  • He has played the hand he was dealt with more courage and grace than anyone I know. 
  • Steve is one of the most social people I know, he is a joiner, he loves social gatherings and being with people.  (He is really the real reason why I get out of my sweat pants or pajamas occasionally.)
  • He loves being the Father of these 3 young ladies
they are the apple of his eyes and guess what?  He is the apple of their eyes.  He would move mountains for them and makes a huge effort to make time for them and their activities despite having a busy career. I heart this about him.  
  • Steve loves having a "truck" and will fight tooth and nail to keep the minivan I need out of our garage.  (I have accepted this.  For now.)
  • Steve loves nothing more than sleeping in on a weekend, even if he has 3 little people watching cartoons next to him in our full size bed.  (Yes, we still have a full size bed.)
  • He keeps me grounded, helps me see the forest through the trees and keeps me from letting my emotions get the best of me.  
  • His favorite foods: steak, fresh seafood, cheeseburgers fresh off of the grill, and tailgating grub in the Fall.
  • Favorite color: Red
  • Favorite show: Sons of Anarchy (Really wholesome.)
  • Favorite Movie: Office Space
  • Favorite season: Fall in New England
  • Favorite pastime: Being with family
There you have it...a few things you may not know about my bf.  He is a gift to me and I am blessed.